Marketing Objectives

Long term success underlines customer satisfaction, high quality and close market analysis. Our marketing strategies focus on studying the rapidly changing trends in the orthopedics and gynecology fields to meet the growing needs of our customers. Our company has evolved following marketing programs to distinguish Precision Instruments (PVT) Ltd .as "The Instruments Specialists".

Market Analysis

We have a close contact with the Dental and Surgical community. We serve, the doctors, dentists ,surgeons, nurses, hospital administration, gynecologists and other healthcare professionals provide us with an opportunity to meet the rapidly changing demand in the global dental market and also an up to date analysis of the marketplace.

Prototype Instruments

Prototype instruments are also available upon customer's specifications and detail drawing.

Instruments Specifications

Precision Instruments (PVT) Ltd .has the highest quality and proper type of stainless steel for each instrument, as determined by its intended surgical purpose. The steel is from the 400 series of steels, primarily 420, 440, A and B, for instruments requiring hardening and the 300 series for those that don't. The meticulous process of creating some of instruments can sometimes require as many as 75 individual steps for completion. In order to achieve all 75 steps Precision Instruments (PVT) Ltd. has the finest craftsmen.

All Precision Instruments are passivated for the proper length of time in a nitric acid bath to insure the removal of all carbon particulates. This process in conjunction with polishing creates the "protective" chromium oxide "skin" that resists corrosive substances and influences.

All cutting edges instruments are produce from 420 series stainless steel and they carry a Rockwell hardness of 55-58 HRC. Other instruments, such as forceps are produce from 410,440 series stainless steel and have Rockwell Hardness of 45-48 HRC. All components such as screws and box locks are manufactured from the same grade of stainless steel so as to eliminate inconsistent wear.